Our Vision


We see first aid education as a critical link in improving the quality of life of communities everywhere. First aid education equips one with the vital skills in handling emergency, more importantly, a proactive approach to prevention and preparedness of one’s attitude when accidents happen.

Our Motto:

Be Prepared… Empowerment through Knowledge.


Our Guiding Principles

To achieve our vision, First EducAid Professional Training sets out to do the following:

Operation and Core Values:

  • delivering first aid education at the highest quality shall be the core objective of the organization
  • providing a comprehensive first aid training solution
  • supporting the works of the Canadian Red Cross and Lifesaving Society
  • adopting the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross
  • ensuring that the organization maintains an equitable atmosphere in its day-to-day operation
  • do no evil.

Course Offerings:

  • providing training at a financially accessible with a competitive edge
  • teaching and conducting courses using acceptable and sound methodologies and pedagogies
  • providing a safe learning that is free from discrimination and other unjust social practices


  • promoting the value of first aid education
  • actively seek out groups that could benefit from first aid education
  • delivering pro-bono first aid education to identified groups in need
  • ensuring courses are accessible “within reach” for those who could positively benefit from the course

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